About Respect: Addressing bullying and harassment


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Bullying is a real problem for our profession, like it is in the rest of the health sector. It compromises patient safety. Almost half of us have seen it or felt it. Now is the time to build respect and improve patient safety in surgery and deal with discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment.Logo

What we are doing

We are in the second of a multi-year campaign to build respect and improve patient safety in surgery. There are three areas of focus for this work: cultural change and leadership; improving surgical education; and strengthening complaints management.

We are implementing more than 20 projects outlined in our Action Plan.

We are coordinating our efforts through our campaign, Let's Operate With Respect.

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What we have done

We are proud of what we have done so far and have a clear focus on what we need to do in 2017. Read more in this section about the highlights of our work so far in building respect, and improving patient safety in surgery. We understand that cultural change takes time and are committed to providing support to our Fellows, Trainees and IMGs over the long term.

Also in this section is more information about the work of the Expert Advisory Group in 2015, which provided both the impetus and the framework for our effort.

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What you can do

What does Operating with Respect mean to you?

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More than anything, cultural change relies on leadership from surgeons who are personally committed to building respect and improving patient safety in surgery.

Surgical education is also critical. RACS has mandated a number of programs to increase understanding and awareness of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment and give Fellows, Trainees and IMGs the skills they need to do something about it.

To help build a culture of respect in surgery you can:

  • Complete Operating With Respect. The elearning module is mandatory. Do it now online. CPD 2017 requirement.
  • Do the Foundation Skills for Surgical Educators (FSSE) course. It is mandatory if you teach or train SET trainees or supervise IMGs. 
  • Complete the Operating with Respect face to face course. Mandatory for Surgical Supervisors, IMG Clinical Assessors and Training Board/Education Committee Representatives.

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Stories and news

Watch videos from surgeons sharing their personal stories and ideas about bullying, discrimination and harassment.

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