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Discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment Action Plan

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) has launched an Action Plan (Media release, PDF 115KB) to address discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in the practice of surgery.

The November 2015 Action Plan (PDF 1.05MB) details a comprehensive, multi-year program of work designed to promote respect, counter discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in the practice of surgery, and improve patient safety.

It translates the recommendations of the College's Expert Advisory Group (EAG) into work that will be prioritised and phased. RACS will be reporting publicly each year on what has been done, and what has been achieved.

In March 2015 the College established the Expert Advisory Group (EAG) to advise how to deal with discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment (DBSH) across the health sector.

In September 2015 the EAG delivered its final report, reflecting the findings and feedback from five major pieces of quantitative, qualitative and organisational research. The College accepted the EAG recommendations in full and issued an apology.

The November 2015 Action Plan shows RACS' commitment to dealing with unacceptable behaviours; strengthening surgical education and training; and reshaping the culture of surgery on foundations of collaboration and respect. With long-term and comprehensive action, we will improve patient safety in the practice of surgery.

The Action Plan will bring significant, but necessary changes to the culture of the health workplace and surgical training and focuses on:

  • Cultural change and leadership
  • Surgical education
  • Complaints management.

Respect and collaboration will underpin RACS work.

The RACS Action Plan sets eight goals, so the College can monitor its progress and make sure that its actions make a difference:

  • Goal 1 - Build a culture of respect and collaboration in surgical practice and education
  • Goal 2 - Respecting the rich history of the surgical profession, advance the culture of surgical practice so there is no place for discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment (DBSH)
  • Goal 3 - Build and foster relationships of trust, confidence and cooperation on DBSH issues with employers, governments and their agencies in all jurisdictions
  • Goal 4 - Embrace diversity and foster gender equity
  • Goal 5 - Increase transparency, independent scrutiny and external accountability in College activities
  • Goal 6 - Improve the capability of all surgeons involved in surgical education to provide effective surgical education based on the principles of respect, transparency and professionalism
  • Goal 7 - Train all Fellows, Trainees and International Medical Graduates to build and consolidate professionalism
  • Goal 8 - Revise and strengthen RACS complaints management process, increasing external scrutiny and demonstrating best practice complaints management that is transparent, robust and fair

Read more about the Action Plan goals and related projects for 2016 (PDF 68KB).

RACS is a medical college with a long history of upholding high surgical standards and making positive contributions to the profession and the community.

This Action Plan outlines how the College will promote respect, and counter discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment.