Frequently Asked Questions - Clinical Assessment


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The Find a Surgeon directory is a listing of active Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who meet the requirements of the College's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and have opted to be on the list. This list excludes retired or inactive Fellows.


Who is my College contact during my clinical assessment period?

Whilst you are on a College specialist pathway, the key contact person at the College will be the Business Support Officer, Department of IMG Assessments.

Phone: +61 3 9249 1124        Email:

Can I apply for interruption to clinical assessment period?

You may apply for family or medical leave at any time after the commencement of your clinical assessment. This will extend the recommendation expiry date by the period of leave granted up to a maximum of 12 months.

Can I relocate and complete my clinical assessment period at another hospital?

If you wish to relocate you must advise the specialty Board in advance of your intention. You will be required to submit details of the new hospital post to the specialty Board for approval prior to the re-commencement of your assessment of clinical practice.

Can my validity period be extended?

You may apply to the specialty Board for an extension to your validity period.  The specialty Board may extend your validity period by an additional 12 months.

Can I apply for a subsequent new assessment whilst on a specialist pathway?

Once you have commenced the clinical assessment component of your recommended pathway to Fellowship by Examination or Assessment you are not eligible for further specialist assessment within that specialty.

When can I apply to sit the Fellowship Examination during my clinical assessment period?

If you are required to undertake supervision or oversight greater than 12 months, upon satisfactory completion of a minimum of nine months of assessment of clinical practice, you may seek approval from the specialty Board Chair or IMG Representative to make an application to present for the Fellowship Examination.

If you are required to undertake supervision or oversight of 12 months or less, you may seek approval from the specialty Board Chair or IMG Representative to make an application to present for the Fellowship Examination at any time after commencement of your clinical assessment.

Can I pay my assessment fees by instalments?

Fees, published on the College website, are payable in advance.  This includes any specialty specific fees.  You cannot pay your fees by instalments.

If I withdraw from the clinical assessment process can I get a refund?

If you withdraw after the commencement of your clinical assessment you are not entitled to any refund of fees paid.

Do I have to pay any fees once I have completed by clinical assessment period?

If you have completed your period of clinical assessment and remain on a pathway to Fellowship, an Administration Fee, equal to 10% of the Clinical Assessment Fee is payable each year.

What does standardised 3-monthly report period mean?

All IMGs commencing clinical assessment are subject to a standardised 3-monthly reporting period.

The standardised report periods are fixed at:

  • 1 February to 30 April
  • 1 May to 31 July
  • 1 August to 31 October
  • 1 November to 31 January

You can commence employment at any time however supervision/oversight must coincide with one of the quarterly assessment periods listed above.

If you nominate a start date of supervision/oversight but start employment at a later date, your commencement date will default to the next quarterly start date.

When are assessment reports to be submitted by IMGs undergoing clinical assessment?

You are required to submit the assessment forms within 2 weeks after the end of the quarterly reporting period. If the assessment forms have not been received in accordance with this requirement your period of assessment of clinical practice may not be recognised.

Do I need to apply for the MOPS program?

IMGs undergoing clinical assessment are not required to participate in the Maintenance of Professional Standards (MOPS) program.

You will only be required to register for the MOPS program in January of the year following completion of your clinical assessment if you have not attained fellowship.  You will remain on the MOPS program until you have attained Fellowship or your pathway to Fellowship ceases.

During your clinical assessment period you will be required to undertake activities that maintain your professional standards as outlined in the Professional Development Opportunities for International Medical Graduates policy.