Advanced Feedback in Surgical Education- Sydney,NSW

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New South Wales

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Start Time: 19/02/2019 17:45

Finish Time:
19/02/2019 21:00

Liverpool Hospital, Sydney

Organised By:
Professional Development

Contact Number:
+61 3 9249 1169

Contact Person:
Alison Drechsler

Advanced Feedback in Surgical Eduction

The overall aim of this course is to teach a range of evident and underlying challenges associated with providing effective feedback. Give you skills to address these challenges and model "best practice" to enable you to identify your own positive feedback behavious and implement them in your surgical practice. It will  provide you with an insight into how trainees feel and how an understanding of their perspective can benefit you throughout this process.

The Advanced AFSE is focused on evaluative judgement and how to implement this with your trainees. Then compare and contrast the pros and cons of two diffrent feedback methods. You'll rate your own feedbackand that of others in a role play using the feedback in surgery and the associated tensions that impact these conversations. We will identify what 'Challenging Conversations' or Negative Conversations' and consider how our behaviour can impact the outcome of this process before it even begins. We'll identify steps taht should be included and cover a range of useful tips that an support you with these conversations.