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Workshop information

Target group - Younger fellows, Senior SETs, and Fellows who feel that their feedback conversations could yield better results

Are you struggling to get results from the feedback conversations?

Do you wonder how to approach negative conversations?

Are you using standard feedback processes but would like to make them more variable and productive?

What will you learn?

The overall aim of the AFSE course is to highlight some of the challenges associated with providing effective feedback. This course will enable participants to address these challenges, model "best practice" and implement tools to use within surgical practice. It aims to provide insight into the perspective of the receiver of feedback and how this perspective can benefit you throughout the process.

The AFSE course is focused on evaluative judgement and how to lead these conversations with your trainees. It compares different feedback methods and their associated challenges and benefits. Participants will have the opportunity to rate their own feedback style and compare it with others. The course explores the specific challenges of feedback in surgery and the associated tensions impacting these conversations. Attendees will identify what 'Challenging Conversations' or Negative Conversations' are and consider how their behaviour can impact the outcome of this process before they even begin. We'll identify steps that should be included in feedback conversations and cover a range of useful tips that can support you with this process.

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this 3 hours course attendees will be able to:

  • Consider the different components of feedback and the unique challenges associated with its application in surgery
  • Apply feedback models and compare their applicability in different situations
  • Understand the underlying causes of challenging conversations and understand the impact of the behavours that may accompany these
  • Compare use of a range of challenging conversations methods desgined for 'less receptive' trainees
  • Evaluate the challenges of providing negative feedback to a trainee and the benefits of a range of different processes.
  • Set goals to implement for own development as a facilitator/ engager of feedback in your workplace.

Key details

Location and Date:

Wednesday 11 September 2019 - Sydney,Australia; Royal North Shore Hospital

Tuesday 22 October 2019 - Auckland, New Zealand; Auckland Hospital

Thursday 21 November 2019 - Melbourne, VIC, Australia; Frankston Hospital


5.45pm - 9pm (unless otherwise stated)

Fee (all values include GST):

A$210 or NZ$245 for members (Fellows, Trainees or International Medical Graduates within the College) 

A$255 or NZ$290 for non-members of the College

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points:

This educational activity has been approved in the College's CPD Program. Fellows who participate can claim 1 point per hour (maximum of 3 points) in Category 3 - Maintenance of Knowledge and Skills. For those with a RACS CPD requirement this activity will be automatically uploaded to your record.

Presenters: Leadership consultants and RACS Fellows


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