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The Find a Surgeon directory is a listing of active Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons who meet the requirements of the College's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and have opted to be on the list. This list excludes retired or inactive Fellows.


Articles on the RACS Global Health


Surgery's Silent Achievers: A Photo Essay (527 KB)
Photos from an orthopaedic surgical visit to Apia, Samoa as part of the Pacific Islands Program
October 2017 (pp 18-20)

Essential Pain Management Débuts in Papua (PDF 254KB)
RACS Global Health partners with the Australian NGO Cooperation Program to bring the inaugural Essential Pain Management course to Jayapura, Papua
September 2017 (pp 17)

From Angkor to Monash  (PDF 195 KB)
Monash Children's Hospital welcomed Dr Sophy Khan from Angkor Hospital for Children, Cambodia for training in paediatric urology
August 2017 (pp 22)

MOSES goes to Myanmar (PDF 348KB)
RACS is helping build sustainable national health structures in Myanmar, through the Management of Surgical Emergencies (MOSES) course, developed by six Fellows
July 2017 (pp 17)

Upskilling in Papua, Indonesia (PDF 348KB)
RACS Global Health, through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program is training Papuan health practitioners to become self-sufficient in basic surgical skills and essential trauma training.
July 2017 (pp 16)

15 years on in Timor-Leste (PDF 494KB)
Since gaining Independence, this article traces the progress in health workforce development from an inital RACS Global Health scoping mission in Timor-Leste, to where we are today

July 2017 (pp 14-15)

Large Ocean States: The Pacific Islands Program (PDF 407KB)
For over 20 years, RACS has worked with the Pacific Islands to address challenges in achieving timely, affordable and safe surgery
July 2017 (pp 12-13)

Surgery: The Neglected Stepchild of Global Health (PDF 349KB)
Global surgery is often relegated to the sidelines of the Global Health sector despite 5 billion people across the globe not having access to timely, affordable and safe surgery
July 2017 (pp 10-11)

Across the Asia-Pacific with Global Health (PDF 425KB)
An insight or dossier on the RACS Global Health Programs and activities in the Asia-Pacific region
May 2017 (pp 26-29)

Meet the next generation of Timorese Ophthalmologists (PDF 301KB)
Women in Surgery feature, Dr Bernadete Pereria, Dr Julia Magno and Dr Susani Sarmento are part of the first generation of Timorese Ophthalmologists who want to help restore sight in their country
April 2017 (pp 23)

Support in sight for East Timor Eye Program (PDF 301KB)
The RACS managed, East Timor Eye Program will receive continued support from St John Ambulance Australia for eye health outreach in Oecussi, a remote coastal exclave of Timor-Leste
April 2017 (pp 22)

Celebrating International Women's Day (PDF 128 KB)
RACS Global Health hosted a morning tea on International Women's Day with distinguished guest speaker, Kirsty Sword Gusmao, Founder of the Alola Foundation, First Lady of Timor-Leste from 2002-2007 and Community Advisor to the RACS Global Health Committee
April 2017 (pp 20) 


Pledging Sustainable Change in Myanmar (PDF 450KB)
Did you know in Myanmar, road traffic accidents result in more fatalities of children than malaria, HIV/AIDS, or diarrhoea?
June 2016 (pp 28-29)

Where are they now? (PDF 214KB)
Prof Owen Ung visits past Weary Dunlop Boonpong Travelling Fellowship Recipients.
May 2016 (pp 52-53)

Ophthalmology in Micronesia (PDF 317KB)
Dr John Kearney OAM, FRACS & a RACS volunteer team have helped do themselves out of a job, and they couldn't be happier.
April 2016 (pp 42-43)

The First Generation (PDF 194KB)
Training Ophthalmologists in Timor-Leste
March 2016 (pp 30-31)

Alleviating Pain (PDF 356KB)
Delivery of the Essential Pain Management course to underprivileged neighbours helps to deliver new skills
January/February 2016 (pp 16-18)


RACS Global Health Symposium (PDF 369KB)
Asia-Pacific countries and specialist colleges unify to advance safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care in low and middle income countries
November/December 2015 (pp 54-55)

Global Health Symposium (PDF 246KB)
Specialist Colleges come together to advance Universal Access to Safe, Affordable Surgical and Anaesthetic Care when needed, in the Asia Pacific
October 2015 (page 45)

RACS Global Health - A Collection of Stories (PDF 16.3MB)
RACS triennial publication showcasing just some of the stories from RACS Global Health
2015 (full publication)

Programs in Myanmar (PDF 396KB)
The College's Foundation for Surgery has agreed to co-fund annual scholarships
August 2015 (pages 50 - 52)

Stronger Systems (PDF 207KB)
Improving the system from the ground up in Timor-Leste
August 2015 (pages 56 - 57)

Surgery in Eastern Congo (PDF 531KB)
Mr Wetzig and his wife Gwen will spend up to six months per year working with doctors and patients at the HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma
July 2015 (pages 42 - 44)

A Brighter Beginning (PDF 164KB)
Melbourne Orthoptist Sandra Staffieri delivers the first paediatric ophthalmology training program in Timor Leste
June 2015 (page 52)

Coming of Age (PDF 233KB)
This year marks the 20th Anneversary of the College's highly regarded Pacific Islands Program
April 2015 (pages 26 - 29)

New Training for Vietnam and Cambodia (PDF 199KB)
Fellow Chris Kimber is leading paediatric surgical training to treat children suffering from disorders of sexual development
March 2015 (pages 28 - 30)

Building Health in Timor-Leste (PDF 103KB)
New health diplomas see health professionals flourish
January/February 2015 (pages 26 - 27)


Pacific Islands Surgeons Conference (PDF 312KB)
A gathering of Pacific communities was the biggest yet
November/December 2014 (pages 26 - 27) 

Building International Skills (PDF 19-5KB)
A College award has allowed an Indonesian doctor to develop her skills with Australian peers
November/December 2014 (pages 46 - 49)

Leprosy's Legacy (PDF 494KB)
Leprosy has left a number of Timorese people with disabilities, this is where the College can help
October 2014 (pages 16 - 18)

PNG Neurosurgeon Achieves Outstanding Results (PDF 286KB)
Dr William Kapitgau's extraordinary effort to improve patient outcomes for the people of Papua New Guinea
September 2014 (pages 20 - 22)

Sharing the Benefits (PDF 211 KB)
Recipients of the College's Weary Dunlop Boonpong (WDBP) Exchange Fellowship are showing leadership back home
July 2014 (pages 10 - 12)

New Surgery for Vanuatu (PDF 178 KB)
An attachment based in Geelong has widened the scope of surgery in Vanuatu
June 2014 (pages 40 - 48)

An Unexpected Experience (PDF 201KB)
Report on a trip to Yangon, Myanmar
June 2014 (pages 24 - 26)

Building Skills (PDF 420 KB)
Australian trained surgeon Dr Fred Boseto is using his skills to help his home country
May 2014 (pages 12 - 14)

Myanmar Medical Specialists Pass with Flying Colours (PDF 305 KB)
The first cohort of Myanmar medical specialists selected for training in Myanmar Emergency Development Program (MEMDP) has successfully passed the University of Medicine (1), Yangon's Diploma in EM (October 2013) through the extraordinary efforts of volunteer FACEMs (Fellows of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine) working as part of an international collaboration.
April 2014 (pages 22 - 24)

Management of Contaminated Wounds in Disasters (PDF 158 KB)
Internationally agreed steps to be launched at ASC
April 2014 (pages 20 - 21)

Outcomes and Impacts (PDF 103 KB)
Evaluation shows the success of the Rowan Nicks Scholarship Program.
March 2014 (page 44) 

The Best for Burns (PDF 243 KB)
Volunteers from the Australian and New Zealand Burn Association held a week-long course on the management of burn cases for 33 doctors, nurses and physiotherapists in Dili
January/February 2014 (pages 10 to 12)


Wonderful Work (PDF 198 KB)
Life changing surgery made possible with determination and a little help
October 2013 (pages 16 to 18)

Teaching for a Change (PDF 277 KB)
The second part of the ATLASS program focuses on improving maternal and newborn health
September 2013 (pages 16 to 18)

New Developments for Eye Care in Sumba (PDF 179 KB)
Eye care improvements in Sumba with the teaching of a new generation
August 2013 (pages 16 to 18)

Out of Africa (PDF 174 KB)
One of few surgeons in the Eastern Congo, Dr Luc has seen huge benefits in a recent trip to Brisbane and the ASC in Auckland
July 2013 (pages 22 to 24)

New Services for Myanmar (PDF 282 KB)
Experience for a Rowan Nicks Scholar has led to a new Cardiac unit in Yangon Children's Hospital
June 2013 (pages 28 to 30)

Continuing a Vision (PDF 178 KB)
Dr John Kearney continues his support for the development of opthalmology services in the Pacific
May 2013 (pages 26 and 27)

Access to safe surgery and anaesthesia when needed (PDF 116KB)
Advancing the agenda on the Global Burden of Surgical Disease
May 2013 (pages 12 and 13)

Success in Timor-Leste (PDF 560 KB)
Programs improve the health of the Timorese population with the College's help
April 2013 (pages 22 to 24)

Teaching the Teachers (PDF 140 KB)
Taking teaching to the extreme
March 2013 (pages 24 and 25)

Collaboration with Cuba (PDF 271 KB
Health workers from Cuba are assisting in emergency situations around the world
March 2013 (pages 10 - 12)

Continuing his work (PDF 321 KB)
College benefactor Rowan Nicks left a very important legacy
January/February 2013 (pages 16-18)


International Development Program - A Collection of Stories (PDF 2595 KB)
RACS triennial publication showcasing just some of the stories from the College's International Development Program
2012 (full publication)

Global Burden of Surgical Disease (PDF 153 KB)
The Third International Medical Development Symposium
November/December 2012 (pages 20 and 21)

Continuing Regional Support (PDF 151 KB)
Phase II of the Australia Timor-Leste Program of Assistance for Secondary Services program continues support for the Timorese Health System
September 2012 (pages 16 and 17)

Essential Emergency Skills (PDF 185 KB)
A collaboration of specialists are helping to develop Myanmar's Emergency Medicine
August 2012 (pages 16 and 17)

Thanks from Solomon Islands (PDF 150 KB) 
A visiting surgeon from the Solomon Islands has thanked Australian Surgeons and hospitals for their training assistance
June 2012 (pages 34 and 35)

For the Next Generation (PDF 188 KB)
A surgeon's goal to deliver the HVP vaccine in PNG will reduce cervical cancer
May 2012 (pages 16 and 17)

Emergency Medicine for Myanmar (PDF 372 KB)
A collaboration between Colleges helps Myanmar healthcare grow
April 2012 (pages 20 and 21)

Eye Care for Samoa (PDF 397 KB)
Essential eye care is being delivered with College help
March 2012 (pages 22 and 23)

Improving Island Life (PDF 2,737 KB)
The latest ENT visit to Solomon Islands helps local trainee general surgeon Dr Larry Lagatiana improve skills
February 2012 (pages 24 and 25)


Vital Skills for Neighbours (PDF 320 KB)
A definitive surgical trauma care course held in Auckland has given Pacific Island surgeons vital skills
November/December 2011 (pages 16 and 17)

Weary Dunlop Boonpong Exchange Fellowship (PDF 298 KB)
International scholarships continue to serve our neighbouring countries as well as building ties between communities
October 2011 (pages 8 and 9)

New Vision for East Timor (PDF 255 KB)
The opening of a new eye centre in Dili will mean treatment for more people
September 2011 (pages 12 and 13)

Helping Old Friends (PDF 270 KB)
An ongoing bond between New Zealand and Vietnam is assisting in building skills
August 2011 (pages 12 and 13)

The Rowan Nicks Legacy (PDF 233 KB)
Rowan Nicks scholars throughout Australia have been given great opportunities to gain key skills in their field, here a few reflect on their time
July 2011 (pages 12 and 13)

Collaboration of Success (PDF 305 KB)
The latest trip to East Timor by Mr Mark Moore has been a great success, following another excellent International Forum at this year's ASC
June 2011 (pages 24 and 25)

Building Skills in Myanmar (PDF 263 KB)
College Treasurer Michael Hollands recently travelled to Myanmar to report on what collaboration the RACS can offer in building Myanmar's health system
April 2011 (pages 12 and 13)

College support in Sri Lanka (PDF 203 KB)
Fellow Dr Nimalan Pathma-Nathan recently travelled to Sri Lanka to teach and assist in operations for inflammatory bowel disease.
March 2011 (page 14)

Passing on the healing in PNG (PDF 180 KB)
After many years of helping restore sight to people in Papua New Guinea, Dr Michael Scobie is reluctantly passing on the gauntlet.
January/February 2011 (pages 8 and 9)

Early Management of Severe Trauma in Samoa (PDF 282 KB
Disaster can be a painful time though also a time to recognise opportunities
January/February 2011 (page 20)


International Development Program - A Collection of Stories (PDF 1024 KB)
RACS annual publication showcasing just some of the stories from the College's International Development Program
2010 (full publication)

Building anaesthetic services in Timor Leste (PDF 178 KB)
Dr Eric Vreede has been a huge influence in developing independent anaesthetist health care in Timor Leste, soon to deliver the first fully-qualified, locally-born anaesthetist, Dr Flavio De Araujo (Dr Edy)
November/December 2010 (pages 12 and 13)

Paediatric team works in PNG (PDF 226 KB)
Fortnight in Papua New Guinea highlights needs of our nearest neighbour
October 2010 (page 8)

Prepared for trauma (PDF 112 KB)
Samoa was able to set up an effective system after the tsunami due to the skills learned at the Primary Trauma Course
August 2010 (page 47)

The beginning of an eye program in Samoa (PDF 88 KB)
Given the small population it is possible to set up an efficient and effective eye program
August 2010 (page 40)

Healing the blind in East Timor (PDF 611 KB)
East Timor will soon be ready to meet the eye-care needs of the population
July 2010 (pages 30 and 31)

Giving the gift of sight (PDF 469 KB)
Cataract blindness is a major problem in countries like Papua New Guinea where teams see some kids who are almost blind
June 2010 (pages 20 and 21)

Teaching and treating in West Timor (PDF 321 KB)
It's the educational component that seems to drive Bob Sillar beyond the personal reward associated with treating people in such obvious need
May 2010 (pages 20 and 21)

Healing Timor (PDF 366 KB)
Dealing with the people is the highlight for us; they are the moments that we enjoy
April 2010 (pages 24 and 25)

East Timor Eye Program (PDF 366 KB)
The new study will demonstrate the emotional effects of surgery on patients and their families
March 2010 (pages 22 and 23)

Treating and teaching in the Pacific Islands (PDF 376 KB)
The most important aspect is not just treating patients in need but transferring knowledge
January/February 2010 (pages 22 and 23)


Strengthening our relationships in Papua New Guinea (PDF 573 KB)
The College has the biggest international aid commitment of any of the medical colleges in Australia
November/December 2009 (pages 28 and 29)

International Medical Development (PDF 418 KB)
The College is committed to improving international assistance
October 2009 (pages 20 and 21)

Committed to international aid (PDF 598 KB)
As I approach retirement I feel a great sense of purpose visiting the Pacific Islands and feel I can make a small contribution
September 2009 (pages 22 and 23)

Straightening a spine (PDF 333 KB)
A big team effort for one small boy, Alberto, who can now stand straight
September 2009 (page 13)

Interplast inroads into surgical care (PDF 572 KB)
Interplast has made incredible achievements that make a real difference, both now and for the future
August 2009 (pages 24 and 25)

Primary trauma care in Myanmar (PDF 460 KB)
The College is helping to train instructors to allow local doctors to run future courses in primary trauma care
July 2009 (pages 24 and 25)

Volunteering off the coast of Tuvalu (PDF 557 KB)
Finding the time to volunteer your services is a worthwhile experience
May 2009 (pages 22 and 23)

Trauma care in Vietnam (PDF 650 KB)
The standard of surgery has improved but there is still a great need in terms of trauma care
March 2009 (pages 26 and 27)

From Timor to Ethiopia (PDF 766 KB)
Early treatment of club feet prevents a lifetime of disability, the long term objective is to eradicate it
January/February 2009 (pages 20 and 21)