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Asia Paediatric Surgical Education Project

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The Asia Paediatric Surgical Education Project (APSEP) aims to improve health outcomes for children in Southeast Asia, by training national health staff to provide improved paediatric surgery and other services to their communities, and by promoting the development of sustainable, regional professional networks.

At the request of in-country partners and in association with Monash Children's Hospital International (MCHI), the RACS is assisting in providing multidisciplinary in-country education programs in Cambodia and Vietnam and scholarships for selected local doctors, radiologists and endocrinologists to undertake focused clinical and leadership education programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Chris KimberMore than 40% of the population of Vietnam and Cambodia is under 18 years of age1,2. Supporting these countries to train their doctors to provide effective paediatric care will reduce illness and disability in children, and have a positive and sustainable impact on the health status of the population in the future.


Since 1999, international teams led by Monash Children's Hospital surgeons have been supporting the education and development of Vietnamese doctors to meet the health service needs of their paediatric population. In 2012, the project was expanded into Cambodia, facilitating skill and knowledge development among doctors at Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap. In 2015, the mission became multidisciplinary with the inclusion of radiology and endocrinology specialists.

Over the years it became evident that advanced genetic testing was needed in Cambodia to aid in the management of a specific group of congenital disorders (disorders of sexual development or DSD) where a child's development was not clearly male or female. MCHI is facilitating the development of a national DSD centre and is currently providing advanced laboratory from Australia until a similar service becomes available in-country.


The Project is funded by Monash Children's Hospital International (MCHI), the RACS Foundation for Surgery, the Australian Government Aid Program and various private donors. It is managed jointly by MCHI and the College.


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Project Director - A/Prof Chris Kimber FRACS

Executive Assistant, Paediatric Urology - Ms Peta Young
Monash Children's Hospital
Telephone: +61 3 9594 4723

RACS External Affairs Director - Ms Daliah Moss
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Telephone: +61 3 9249 1276