ACRS/AIPN/RACS Joint Submission to the Senate Economics References Commitee Inquiry into Personal Choice and Community


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8 December 2015

ACRS/AIPN/RACS put forward the following recommendations in support of road trauma reductions, with a particular emphasis on cycling and the wearing of bike helmets: 

  • Mandatory helmet legislation and supporting measures (enforcement and public awareness) are important road safety and public health initiatives aimed at reducing head injuries as a result of a cycling-related crash.
  • Given the effectiveness of bicycle helmets in reducing head injury in the event of a crash, helmets should be encouraged for all cyclists, both on and off road.
  • Legislation requiring use of cycle helmets for all cyclists including children is effective at increasing helmet wearing rates, and should be in place in all Australian jurisdictions.
  • Appropriate educational programs, social marketing and police enforcement is necessary to support cycle helmet legislation and should be appropriately resourced.
  • Resources should be made available for improved and supportive cycling environments/infrastructure, including cycle ways that take cyclist safety into account.
  • Research should be encouraged into helmet design and improvement and any other devices to protect the vulnerability of cyclists on roads.
  • Continued research to develop an evidence base for potential road safety countermeasures to reduce cyclist injury and promote increased participation should be supported