Wendco (NZ) Limited On-Licence application


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5 November 2015

There is strong evidence linking the availability of alcohol with an increase in excessive or inappropriate consumption. Many local Councils have recognised this link and have elected to use new powers granted to them by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act to limit outlet density via Local Alcohol Policies.

RACS is concerned that by granting an On-Licence to Wendco, not only will the availability of alcohol in the Hornby community be increased, but the sale of alcohol by fast-food restaurants would become normalised. The will set a dangerous precedent and have implications for communities across New Zealand.

RACS strongly advocates for three key areas to reduce alcohol-related harm, summarised by the acronym HOT - for Hours, Outlets and Taxes. This encompasses a restriction on trading hours, reduction of outlet density, and application of a stepped volumetric tax.