Queensland Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2015


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7 December 2015

The 2010 ACE-Prevention study funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council is described as, "the largest and most rigorous evaluation of preventative strategies undertaken anywhere in the world." It found that a 10 per cent tax on unhealthy non-core foods would lead to substantial health gain and considerable future cost savings by averting treatment of obesityrelated diseases.

The WHO also recognises the influence of price on food choices and supports a fiscal approach.

Examples of other preventative measures include better labelling on food packaging and public education programs. There is evidence to suggest that education programs can have a positive impact on physical activity levels.

RACS believes a combination of preventative measures and an increase in the availability of treatment options for those who are already obese is the most effective way to address obesity. Evidence suggests that taking steps to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle throughout life is one of the most important ways to protect against many types of cancer and a range of other diseases.