Royal Commission into Family Violence


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29 May 2015

RACS encourages the Victorian Government to give consideration to the following policy areas as a means to reduce the harmful impacts of family violence:

  1. Conduct ongoing public education campaigns on family violence that are community driven and culturally sensitive.
  2. Implement community-led and comprehensive alcohol controls in communities where a need has been identified and agreed.
  3. Support programs that help to identify and support family violence victims, including training programs that improve the confidence and competency of health professionals to identify and care for people experiencing family violence.
  4. Invest in research to expand the evidence base about which interventions are effective in different contexts, and how they can be adapted./span>
  5. Improve data collection by:

a. Adding a flag for family/domestic violence related deaths to the National Coronial Information System.

b. Bolstering efforts by health professionals to screen for family violence.

c. Supporting integrated care and collaboration between healthcare agencies.