New Zealand Health Strategy Consultation on the Updated New Zealand Health Strategy


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11 December 2015

The guiding principles at the core of the Strategy remain largely untouched from the original New Zealand Health Strategy in 2000 and we believe that they can continue to provide a solid foundation for the health system. The addition of the eighth guiding principle - thinking beyond narrow definitions of health and collaborating with others to achieve wellbeing - is an appropriate expansion to the principles, effectively conveying the Strategy's holistic approach towards health and wellbeing. Given the wide reaching nature of this principle however, it can only be meaningful if it is adopted across all relevant Government departments/ministries.

We believe that the overarching vision, that all New Zealanders live well, stay well, get well, is a suitable goal for New Zealand moving towards the future, and that the five themes, with some revisions, will provide a sound platform for this vision to be achieved.