Victorian Road Safety Strategy


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22 June 2015

Best practice safety improvements in all four areas of the transport system - Roads and roadsides, Vehicles, Travel speeds and Road Users - is key to achieving as close to zero fatalities as possible. Implementing all of the suggested possible solutions contained within the Towards Zero discussion paper will go a long way to achieving the goal.

RACS congratulates the Victorian Government for its commitment to the NRSS, and for taking the extra step to plan for zero fatalities which goes beyond the aims of the Strategy. We urge you to implement all possible countermeasures that will see Victoria continue to lead the nation in reducing road fatalities.There are some measures covered in the Towards Zero discussion paper, and some that are not included which may help you achieve this.

  1. Introduction of 'black box' technology in all heavy vehicles and cars
  2. Measures to improve heavy vehicle safety
  3. Greater use of point to point speed enforcement
  4. Use of alcohol ignition interlocks
  5. Greater efforts to reduce the role of alcohol in road-related injuries and deaths
  6. Ongoing efforts to educate young people about road safety