RACS position on transfer of asylum seekers to PNG


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19 December 2017

RACS is concerned about the health and welfare of people transferred to Papua New Guinea from the decommissioned Manus Island detention centre.

Our moral obligation is to ensure that asylum seekers are medically assessed and offered a good quality standard of care. This is a basic human right.

We also advocate that the conditions in detention facilities should not compromise the mental and physical health of those in the detention facilities.

As an organisation that stands for quality in surgical care, we have a responsibility to advocate for the provision of equitable access to healthcare and surgical services in particular.

RACS has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific and provides specialist medical education, training, capacity development and medical aid to sixteen countries in the region. We are, therefore, in a position to provide expert input and support, and to work with the Australian and Papua New Guinea governments to address the health concerns of asylum seekers.

RACS calls on all parties involved to ensure that the asylum seekers have timely and equitable access to health services.

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