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About the audit

The BreastSurgANZ Quality Audit (BQA) aims to improve the quality of care by surgeons for patients with early and locally advanced breast cancer in Australia and New Zealand.

Participants can self-assess their clinical performance against set Key Performance Indicators.

Research into breast cancer treatment and outcomes using de-identified audit data also forms an important part of the audit's value.

Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand (BreastSurgANZ), directors of the audit, require Full members to submit data on all cases of early and locally advanced breast cancer.

The BQA Subcommittee is responsible for providing direction, oversight and clinical advice to the operation of the audit.

What's new

In November 2017, new High Quality Performance Indicators (HQPIs) were added to the BQA system. This work was funded by the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care.

To allow data to be collected for the HQPIs, a number of other changes have also been made to the audit system.

Learn more about the changes implemented in BQA Version 4.3.


This audit was formerly directed by the Breast Surgery Section of the College as the National Breast Cancer Audit. It was originally initiated as a pilot study in 1998 and has been running continuously since then. The College now manages the audit on behalf of BreastSurgANZ, who took over the audit's direction in late 2010.

The database currently contains over 200,000 episodes of breast cancer, with over 300 surgeons contributing data each year from across Australian and New Zealand.

Who can participate

Full members of BreastSurgANZ are automatically allocated an audit account for collecting and submitting data.

Non-member access to the Online Portal for their own self-audit purposes is also available for a fee; however, non-members are not considered participants of the audit nor are they provided with the other benefits and services of participation (beyond Help Desk support).

Benefits of participating

Use the BQA Online Portal to:

  • collect and store patient data
  • produce summaries of individual breast cancer cases
  • assess practice against key performance indicators
  • export cases to Microsoft Excel for further analyses

Other benefits include:

Quality Assurance Activities

Aspects of the functions within the audit have been declared in Australia as Quality Assurance Activities under the Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) (overview of the Commonwealth Qualified Privilege Scheme, Australian Government); and in New Zealand as Protected Quality Assurance Activities under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (overview of Quality Assurance Activities under the Act, New Zealand Government).

As a result of these declarations, the data that becomes available as a result of the prescribed activity cannot be disclosed (in reports or publications) outside of that activity in a manner that identifies a person. The confidentiality of the information received is protected accordingly and high-level data security procedures are maintained.

For details on the activities protected, please refer to:

Australia - Declaration of Quality Assurance Activity for BreastSurgANZ Quality Audit and Outlier Process

New Zealand - Health Practitioners (Protected Quality Assurance Activity - BreastSurgANZ Quality Audit) Notice 

New Zealand Approved Quality Assurance Activity Status

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